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Vitality Softgels (Weikang)

Main components are: the oil of wheaten offspring, lecithin, beta-carotene, vitamin E, linolic and linolenic acid.

The peculiarities of the effect of Weikang: it is one of the most important natural antioxidants which has a lot of biologically active components:
Tocopherol (vit. E) is closely related with human endocrinal system, the function of genitals and the function of adrenal and thyroid. This vitamin is essential in spermatogenesis, gestation period and for the development of fetus. It is necessary for the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis and oncologic diseases.

Semi saturated fatty acids (linolic and linolenic) are irreplaceable elements in human nutrition. For the organism itself do not synthesize them they have to be obtained from the outside, because that they are essential elements for cell membranes, nervous surfaces and connective tissue. Beta carotene is a pro-vitamin A. Organism gets it with food and processes it to the vitamin A with the help of small intestine walls. This vitamin is needful for good sight, it strengthens hear, nails and teeth, positively affects the structure of skin, is important as development factor, protects from negative impact of radiation, strong antioxidant and intensifier of immunity, it has some anti-cancerous features, etc.

Lecithin is important component of cell membrane and it may be called the fundamental material of a cell. It is essential for the development of fetus and the quality of memory. Especially a lot of lecithin is needed for the maintaining of longevity of brain, liver and kidney. Malt Oil is a cereal Germ oil obtained from wheat germ in vitamin E, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, octacosanol and traces of some unknown bio-active ingredients. It is a fatty oil with very high nutritional value, especially its vitamin E weight ranked first at all vegetable oils. The vitamin E presented in malt oil is a mixture of natural tocopherols which are more bio active and safer than its synthetic or semi-synthetic counterparts. Vitamin E acts as an antioxydant in the human body. It is an atioxydant which can prevent senility to achieve longevity. Malt oil contains about % 80 unsaturated fatty acids , % 50-60 of which is linoleic acid. Linoleic acid can be converted via arachidonic acid intoprecursors of prostaglandin which not only regulate metabolism but also string then vigor of the body.It was generally accepted that malt oil can increase the explosive force and endurance of the body during exercise. It was proved that octacosanol has the following bio-activites:

  • Enhance myodynamia and improve muscular strength;
  • Increase cardiac load capacity;
  • Relief muscular pain due to fatigue by lower muscular friction;
  • Lower myocardial oxgen demand and increase the ability to transportoxygen;
  • Improve basic metabolic rate.


  • As toning and organism strengthening measure while having large psychical and physical loads;
  • for the improvement of memory and for the prophylaxis of old-age dementia;
  • Having heart-vessels diseases and for the prophylaxis of them;
  • For the prophylaxis and treatment of liver, kidney and digestive system diseases and having the risk factors;
  • Having diseases of endocrinal system, e.g. diabetes;
  • For the stimulation of sexual functions, i.e. while healing sexual potency and men/women infertility (the disorders of men sperm and the cases of deficiency of women ovary function);
  • Having increased emission of fat in fatty glands;
  • With the purpose of slowing ageing;
  • To keep the youthful appearance and in cases of skin diseases;
  • For the normal development and growing of child;
  • For pregnant women from the fourth month of pregnancy and for breast-feeding women;
  • To reduce the symptoms during pre-climacteric and climacteric periods;
  • For the improvement of sight and prophylaxis of eye diseases, for the prophylaxis of cataract and in cases of myopia and farsightedness;
  • For the treatment of anemia;
  • For the strengthening of immune system;
  • For people living and working in ecologically harmful conditions.