Every person has apportunuty to participate in our business and achieve success not depending on his/her current wealth state, public position, influence, education, experience, age or sex. The main point here is to form right understanding of this kind of Business.

For that reason we organize: presentations, schools/trainings, seminars, educational webinars.

If you are a beginner in this kind of business and have never heard about it, it is necessary to listen to our presentation. After what you can make right desicion for yourself.


The learning/training process.

1. After you recieve the prior information about us, listen to the presentation and make the right decision for yourself you will have to apply for our school for beginners. You have a choice – either to receive the training at the agency or sign-in for the webinar.

2. Basing on our Business building model, about what you will learn in our school, everyone may decide how to start participation in this business.

3. Further - for those, who conclude the contract with the Company, we organize the trainings for the Distributors of different level.

4. At the starting stage of your business you have to turn to your Mentor, the person who invited you to this business.

5. After, you have to become a Mentor for your own distributors, to teach them everything that you have learned yourself.


At our schools:

- we conduct trainings for the beginners about Marketing Plan (business building process);

- trainings for the Distributors of 7* and higher;

- Inform about the product;

- tell about our unique method of business building and how to apply it;

- teach how to work with the web-site Tienspartner.com;

- teach how to work with the official platform of DIMP company (where you may monitor the activity of whole your business organisation);

- teach the mentoring (it is very important for the development of your business).