Welcome to our online store (hereinafter as the “web-site”), administrated in Latvia by “ESIS” Ltd, registration Nr. 40003834167, address: 33/35 – 505 Gertrudes str., Rīga, Latvia. “ESIS” Ltd is an official partner of “TIENS” Corporation and has the status of official agency with Nr.994300.

The basic business directions of “ESIS” Ltd are advertising-marketing and retail.

The main feature of our web-site is to provide the most profitable cooperation of “TIENS” product manufacturer, specifically, of all its separate enterprises and representatives in different regions and countries, with customers – the potential partners of the company – they are independent distributors. Each customer after receiving from us the comprehensive information about business cooperation with “TIENS” corporatioin, makes decision whether to use for his/her business our concept of Social-Economic Structuring, ensuring each participant with especially favorable conditions just right in the beginning of his/her business. On our web-site the potential customer learns the product line in the e-shop of certain region or country at the present moment, prices and its specifications. Than the buyer forms an order of product indicating his/her delivery address. Our web-site task is to give the person the objective information about product availability and its quality in all online stores of “TIENS” corporation.

According to our marketing concept of Social-Economic Structuring when the group of people fulfilling the conditions of follow-up participation (a special contest selection) is recruited, each participant may form the order of necessary for him/her product and transfer the corresponding amount of order cost to “ESIS” Ltd bank account, registrated in Latvia, in corresponding currency. These people form business-structure where each member takes the position depending on the size of his/her order. This position will directly affect the size of income received from the development of Distributor whole business-structure during all time of cooperation with “TIENS” corporation. Such orders at the certain time period may be formed by people from different countries. When this group is formed, all transferred money to “ESIS” Ltd bank account will be sent to the corresponding online store accounts in different countries for the payment of each person order who participated in follow-up and who has placed the order. The activity of each online store is regulated by the law of the country on the territory of which it is located and follow the corresponding Purchase & Sales rules developed by the central office of TIENS corporation.

The Purchase & Sales rules for each online store represented on our web-site you may learn using the links below:

Tiens Agency in Latvia.

Tiens Agency in Russia.

Tiens Agency in Great Britain.


“ESIS” Ltd, regulated by the Latvian republic legislation, bears full legal responsibility for intended use of received financial resources. Besides, “ESIS” Ltd in its activity fully obeys the above mentioned Purchase & Sales Rules and performs the necessary actions in the interests of customers registering their orders in corresponding online stores.

The Buyers of TIENS company have the right and opportunity to place the order directly in the corresponding online stores at the residence place in each country at the same prices which they use to form the orders on our Web-site. But in this case, their registration doesn’t bring them the benefits which they can receive using our opportunities. Registering and forming the orders through us at the moment of their registration the Buyers get the formed and selected group of people aimed at the business development with their Purchase Volumes. For these people it is a potencial source of income, not formed by them, that in future may bring quite substantial income. One type of income they get right after the registration of their order by us. Our business scheme is interested for people aimed at creation of sustainable trade turnover and, as a result, efficient business. People who are interested only in product may directly place their orders online without receiving any additional benefits.

We would like to specify the situation once more: We, as an online store (named as the Web-site), DO NOT hold the same assortment and the quantity of TIENS product as the online stores which are the Structural Divisions of TIENS corporation. We DO NOT pack and send the goods according to prepaid orders. This kind of service is provided by corresponding services in coressponding TIENS company divisions. We DO NOT cooperate with logistic companies to deliver the goods to each buyer. OUR MAIN FUNCTION – is information support and provision of most advantageous starting positions for each Customer aimed at efficient business development.

According to Latvian conditions we accept orders from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Pack the goods and send it to our buyers. But we do it as a routine and outside the Social-Economic Structuring system.