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TIENS Zinc Capsules. The biological significance was defined at the end of XIX c. and people used zinc unguent even 5000 years ago. Zinc is essential for functioning of all cells of organism. The lack of zinc may be the reason of epilepsy, schizophrenia and other psychological diseases, general fatigue of the organism, allergy, diabetes, adenoma of prostate, cataract, deafness, heart, digestive system, dermal and optic diseases as well changes in the oral mucous membrane. Zinc as catalyser, participates in activation of more that 200 ferments in the organism, synthesis of nucleic acid, DNA and RNA, circulation of hormones (especially sexual hormones) as well as directly influence collagens of tissue and skeleton and improves eyesight. There is 1,4-2,3g of zinc in the organism of a healthy man.

The natural source of zinc is oysters, shrimps, herrings, liver, mushrooms, grains, seeds of sunflower and watermelon.

An average person needs 10-20 mg of zinc per day and pregnant women should get 30 mg of zinc per day.

Recommended for:

  • for prophylaxis and treatment of infertility;
  • for treatment of dermal diseases;
  • for treatment of prostate diseases;
  • for strengthening of immunity of organism;
  • having flu and others airway diseases;
  • for treatment of diabetes (helps to reduce the dose of insulin), neuro-psychic diseases, retarded sore and acceleration of wound healing;
  • for prophylaxis of cataract, retarded alcoholism, arteriosclerosis, myopia and treatment of renal deficiency, in cases of diarrhea of various origin, for attenuation of climacteric symptoms;
  • for prophylaxis and treatment of articular diseases;
  • while healing variations in oral mucous membrane, variations of taste sense and reducing weight;
  • while strengthening immunity of organism and blocking the process of aging.

Main ingredients: Egg protein powder, glucose, zinc lactate, magnesium stearate, talc, gelatin.