The website is an independent project implemented for business development in “Tiens Group”.

This website belongs to SIA “ESIS” what is the official partner of “TIENS Group” corporation and has the status of Official Agency with Nr.994300.

The basic directions of SIA “ESIS” – commercial & marketing line of business and retail.


The Company “TIENS Group” – is a transnational company specializing in nutritional supplement production, international retail, tourism and investment.

To sell its product the Company uses the most efficient business direction – “Multilevel Marketing” – when the the Consumer becomes a Distributor.

This system means the creation of Distributor own consumer network to the unlimited depth with receiving all kinds of profit from all purchases of his/her own consumer network, which is guaranteed by Company’s Marketing Plan.


What do we offer?

For those who wants to become a Distributor of “TIENS Group” Company we offer to use specially created by us model of business network – “Social-Economic Structuring”. This kind of business model allows to solve two basic problems – the network construction and its stabilization.

Our offer of business construction is absolutely different from regular busness schemes. The basic problem for you will be solved – the stabilization of your network and as a result – guaranteed income during all your activity.

Our business model allows us to offer the conditions when buying the Company’s Product will be profitable for all Distributors at any stage of his/her business dvelopment.

This is the main question! The Company pays the award only if the Distributors buy its products.

How to make the purchase of product adavantageous, to continue buying it regularly and for considerable amount, for people who participate in our business?

The only reason to make the Consumer to be Consumer-Distributor is his/her benefit!  There should be clear economic calculations, advantageous conditions for all people participating in business to buy the product even without its possible further sale! The participants should benefit from buying the product but not hoping to sell it.

Only having such business conditions it is possible to expect successful permanent development of your business structure.

According to our marketing concept “Social-Economic Structuring” as soon as group of people, who fulfilled the conditions of “follow-up” participation (special competitive selection), is being recruited, every participant will have the right to place the order for necessary production and transfer relevant order price to the bank account of SIA “ESIS” entity registrated in Latvia. These people build the business-structure where every person takes the position depending on the size of his/her order. This position will directly influence on the size of received income from the Distributor business-stucture during all period of coopetation with “TIENS” corporation. This kind of orders may be formed by people from different countries at the current period of time. When this group of people is formed, all tranfered money to SIA “ESIS” bank account will be sent to corresponding accounts of e-shops in different countries to cover the purchase of every person participating in “follow-up” and placed the order.


Our instruments.

1. The main duty of our e-shop is to provide the most efficient cooperation of “TIENS” corporation product manufacturers, i.e. of all its separate eterprises and Representative Offices in different regions and countries, with buyers – the potencial company partners, they are the Independant Distributors. Every partner receiving comprehensive information about the opportunities of business-cooperation with “TIENS” corporation, can make decision to use in his/her business our conception of “Social-Economic Structuring”, which ensure every participant especially favorable conditions right at the inicial stage of business. On our website the potencial buyer may get acquainted with production assortment in the e-shop of specific region or country at the current time, learn about the prices and product description. Then he/she can place the order indicating the delivery address. The task of our website is to provide the person with objective information about the inventory (product availability) and its quantity in all e-shops of “TIENS Group” corpotration.


2. The website allows all people whishing to participate in our business to gain the special status of “Candidate” for Distribuitor. Such status allows to use our Referral system for ingagement of your own business “Candidates”.

The Referral system means getting your own “referral” (partner) link, tracking all transitions from your link to our website, formation of structure of registered on the website users who passed from your partner link.

ФThe Function of Referral link – this link contains the unique user identifier (User ID or Referral). All transitions from this kind of link from outside websites, commercial banners and adds, e-mails, chat messangers, and etc., will be fixed by our website. Then registered users who clicked this link will be reflected on our website in”Referral” structure (the owner of this link).


3. All volumes of purchases made by personally invited clients will be credited to the Distributor ID number.


What is required from you?

Your basic task is to share this opportunity with other people.

We will explain the whole process in our schools providing trainings with our webinars as well as organizing them in our office.