Increase your potential income or set up your own business with partnership. Thanks to our business development system, different internet tools, multilingual commercial material and the marketing of Tiens company you get a great opportunity to increase your income being the partner of Tiens company.


To regular clients and just health product consumers

It means the product consumption with benefit for the client, for the clients focused only on consumption. It assume the registration of a client in the company’s database, receiving the Computer Number (ID) and accumulation of all purchases on this Number.

Accumulating the volume of purchases till 200 BV the consumer will get the discount on product and receive the direct rewards from both - personal purchases and the purchases of invited clients. With increase of personal purchases volume or/and the volume of purchases of your personal clients you will have so-called the Career Growth. It will lead to the growth of direct rewards and increase of money refund from personal purchases. The size of bonuses will depend on so-called Career Growth. See the chapter “Business-Marketing Plan”.


The Business Program of “Tiens” company.

It assumes the building of your own Consumer Net to the unlimited depth with receiving the unlimited income from all purchases of your own Net. The Business Program also assumes the Career Growth of a Distributor beginnig from the rank of 4-Star Distributor (4*) and higher with receiving the direct rewards and all kinds of bonuses guaranteed by the Marketing Plan.


For web-sites owners and big internet projects.

It will be appropriate as for enterpreneurs as for active internet users - assuming the exploitation of our Partnership program (Marketing Plan) for receiving the extra income by placing on your web-sites the commercial materials: the banners of different sizes and content, text links, application forms, commercial texts, random html-codes. The users coming by this kind of links and registrated in our system will automatically build Your Consumer Net.

This way the Distributor will be able to attract the owners of web-sites (with big audience) with additional earnings. Indeed, it is better to offer such partnership to the web-sites related to our business sphere and product conception, as well as to the health-theme web-sites.


To Bloggers

You write review, make the video-bloggs, recommend the goods or just make references to our products in your messanges, tell about Business Program of “Tiens” company. Those users who come by your partner link and register automatically will build your Consumer Net.

Every month the Company pays the reward for Your Net activity. The great advantage of Company’s Marketing Plan is that you get bonuses for your work made by the distributors located at any depth from you.