PV (Point Volume) – a standart unit in «Tiens» Corporation accepted for the calculation convenience since there is different currency and USD exchange rate in different countries.

Production cost in PV – points credited to the Accumulated Purchase Volume (APV).

BV (Bonus Volume) – a standart unit in «Tiens» Corporation, like PV, but is used for the calculation of Reward Volumes. The cost of product in BV – it is the volume from which the rewards are credited.

For example, «Antidandruff Shampoo» costs 5PV/4BV – that means, buying this product your Purchase Volume will get 5PV, but Reward Volume - 4BV.

Distributor of «Tiens» (IC) – is a capable citizen who has filled-in the Agreement form, on the bases of “Sponsor” recommendations, and has purchased the product of «Tiens» Corporation. After Agreement confirmation the person gets the status of Company Distributor.

Mentor – it is a Distributor by whose recommendation you take participation in «Tiens» Corporation business.

Distributors of Direct Sponsorship (DS) – all persons recommended directly by the Distributor himself / herself.

Distributors of Indirect Sponsorship (IS) – all distributors of your network recommended by your distributors, not you directly.

First level of Distributor Network – all distributors started working by personal recommendation of the present Sponsor.

Other levels of Distributor Network (the second, third, etc.) – all subsequent levels following directly after the First level of Distributor network.

Branch – it is the whole network under the First Level Distributor.

Distributor with equal rank – it is a Distributor in your network with the same rank as yours.

Personal Purchase Volume (PPV) of a Distributor – the volume of all purchases of a distributor during the current month credited to his/her Distributor Number. It is calculated in PPV / PBV (Personal Purchase Volume / Personal Bonus Volume).

Accumulated Personal Purchase Volume (APPV) of a Distributor – the amount of PPV of a Distributor for the whole months from the moment of signing the Application Form. It is calculated in CPV / CBV (Common Purchase Volume / Common Bonus Volume).

Direct Purchase Volume (DPV) of a Distributor:  it consists of 2 parts. The first – is the amount of PPV of Direct Sponsorship, till the moment when their APPV reaches 300PV. The second – is PPV of the Distributor himself / herself, after the moment when his / her APPV exceeds 300PV. (Direct Purchase Volume is used for crediting the Direct Reward during the current month). It is calculated in DPV / DBV (Direct Purchase Volume / Direct Bonus Volume).

Indirect Purchase Volume (IPV) of a Distributor: it consists of  PPV amount of Direct Sponsorship Distributors (after the moment when their PAPV exceeds 300PV) and PPV amounts of all his / her Indirect Sponsorship Distributors. (IPV is used for crediting the Indirect Rewards during the current month). It is calculated in IPV / IBV (Indirect Purchase Volume / Indirect Bonus Volume).

Accumulated Turnover Network Purchase Volume (ATNPV) of a Distributor: the amount of purchases of all distributors in his / her network, including him-/herself, for all months from the moment of signing the Application Form by the Distributor. It is calculated in ATNPV / ATNBV (Accumulated Turnover Network Purchase Volume / Accumulated Turnover Network Bonus Volume).

Purchase Volume (PV) of Distributor Network:  the combination of all PVs of whole network of the Distributor in present month. It is calculated in TNPV / TNBV (Turnover Network Purchase Volume / Turnover Network Bonus Volume).

Active Network Branch – the Network Branch where current month PV is not less than 2000PV.

Group Purchase Volume (GPV) of a Distributor: the difference between your Network PV and the Equal Level Distributors’ PV in your network (the PV made by the distributors with lower rank than yours). It is calculated in GPV / GBV (Group Purchase Volume / Group Bonus Volume).

Direct Rewards – the rewards for direct turnover.

Network Rewards – the rewards for GPV of your network.

Management Rewards – the reward from Distributors’ PV with equal ranks to you in your network.

Honorable Reward – the combination of rewards which the Distributors with Honorary titles get participating in the 5% of Corporation Total Sale Volume division.

Honorary Reward of Honored Distributor – the reward which the distributors, who reached the Honored Distributor Title, receive.

Financal month in «Tiens» Corporation – the date 25th of every month is the last day of financial month, i.e. the volumes received till the date 25th including are the volumes of current month. But the volumes beginning from the date 26th till the 25th of next month – are the volumes of the next financial month.