"Tiens" company invites all its loyal customers and everyone who wants to earn good money to participate in the company profit distribution system.

55% of company profit is paid from repeat purchases.

70% of company profit is paid from Enrolment pack purchase.


"Tiens" company business program

It assumes the mandatory registration of a client as a Distributor in the company’s data base, receiving the computer number and the purchase of one of offered Enrolment packs which include different company products.

The building of your own Consumer Network to the unlimited depth with receiving an unlimited income from all purchases of your consumer network. The business program proposes the career growth of a Distributor beginning from the 4-Star status and higher with receiving the volumes of direct rewards and all kinds of incomes which are guaranteed by company’s marketing plan.



Payment to partners

Your bonuses – are accrued according to Your status, the volume of Enrolment pack and the marketing plan of “Tiens” company.


Payments for volumes of Enrolment packs:

• Bonuses for sponsorship - from 10 to 25% (according to the Enrolment pack).

• Development bonus - from 8 to 12% (according to the Enrolment pack).

• Coaching bonus - 5%.


Payments for volumes of repeat orders:

• Direct reward - from 20 to 48% (the reward from personal purchases and the purchases of your personal clients).

• Network reward - from 5 to 28% (the reward from the purchase amount of all your consumer network / the distributor network).

• Rewards for honorable degrees, beginning from Bronze Lion status and higher (Distinction bonus 2%, Honorable bonus - 4%)

• Valuable gifts (car, cottage).

• Creation of special Tourist Fund which pays for your trips.

• Rewards for the Network Structure managing.


Calculation of bonuses is made by the Computing Center in China.

The payments of bonuses are pursued by Agencies / Representative offices on the bases of acting agreements. Accrual of bonuses happens monthly till the date 15th transfering money to your indicated account.

See the Agreement pattern.


What must you do?

1) Register as a Tiens Distributor for receiving the Computer Number and the Partner ID. If you are still not registrated on Tienspartner.com – wellcome to do it! Than fill-in the Distributor Application Form (Agreement form).

2) Make the, so called, “Qualification”, i.e. it is necessary to buy for yorself one of Enrolment packs. The Pack includes Tiens company products. Every product has its own volume in BV points. These Points you may see in the description to every product. Every set corresponds to its own status:

"Bronze" - 100BV

"Silver" - 200BV

"Gold" - 400BV

"Platinum" - 800BV


The Distributors’ opportunities in "Tiens" Corporation

• Work in office or remotely;

• Organization of the family business;

• Consumer network development in width and depth;

• To make the direct sales in offices and online (of available products in your country);

• The payment of distributor interests is made from whole depth of the structure;

• Growth on the career without any restrictions or limit, without downgrading the status;

• Company rewards for distributor network management;

• Valuable gifts from the Company for certain status achievements (cars, boats, planes);

• The business development in your region and abroad;

• The Company’s Distributor status can be inherited.