Tiens Aura Energy Stone

Tiens Aura Energy Stone - Tiens United Kingdom

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  • Health devices
5 × 5 × 5 cm
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1 unit
200 g
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Tiens Aura Energy is a crystal that gathers a large variety of universal mineral materials, which is rich of energy and microcrystalline ions. With more than 70 microelements contained, the Aura-Energy is produced under the high temperature and can release natural power of universe at an ultra-high vibrating speed of 299 000 kc /sec. Its wavelength matches perfectly with normal temperature of human body (36℃~37℃) and can penetrate the skin as deep as 35 centimetres. The Anions released by the Aura-Energy can be breathed into body through your skin, while neutralize those positive ions coming out of fatigue and discomfort, which as a result brings an extensive variety of functions like adjust the balance of electrical potential, relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, soothe nerve, speed up the blood circulation and much more.

Product Functions:

Gathered the essence of the Universe – the sun and the moon, Aura Energy is designed to use the principle of the conversion of the natural energy of the universe, transform the power of heaven, earth and man into one.
Wearing Aura-Energy can balance the aura energy of human body and improve the physical condition.
The Aura-Energy can be used to activate internal cells and enhance immunity.
With more than 60 centimeters energy wave, the Aura-Energy can form an electromagnetic wave-proof wall to prevent those harmful substances from damaging people’s health.
The Aura-Energy can gear up the blood circulation, speed up metabolism and get rid of pathogen perching on cells.
The Aura-Energy can boost the supply flow of oxygen of internal blood, therefore relieving many symptoms caused by organism shortage of oxygen.
The Aura-Energy can relieve fatigue and improve sleep quality and make the organism more vigorous.

How to use Tien Aura Energy Stone:

Wear the Aura-Energy on your chest so that your internal organs are more effectively protected by the formation of negative ions.
Wear the Aura-Energy no less than 8 hours per day for at least 4 consecutive days so that the best effectiveness can be exerted.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily when wearing the Auro-Energy so that the harmful toxin and waste of human body can be expelled and the blood circulation can be enhanced as well.

Who should use Tien Aura Energy Stone:

The population who are often exposed to the radiation of computers and cellphones
The population who is due to low immunity, fatigue and easy to get cold, and often has cold hands and feet.
The working class who suffers great pressure from work or/ and study, mental stress and easy forgetfulness.
The elderly population who is often physically weak and ill, and who cares about their own health
The population who experienced excessive smoking and drinking, and lack of exercise.
The population who suffers from poor sleep and irregular daily sleeping schedule.
The population who suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia).

Warm Tips to use Tien Aura Energy Stone:

During the process of wearing Aura-Energy, due to the sustained absorption of anions, the accelerated blood circulation may cause varying degree of discomfort, including head heaviness, light dizziness, chest tightness, etc. More emerging symptoms evidently show that the existing ratio of positive ions and anions are not well-balanced. Because when those anions emitted by Aura-Energy neutralize those abundant positive ions in our body, people in different physical conditions may have different reactions.

If you have felt the above mentioned symptoms, please remove the Aura-Energy and try wearing it only for a few minutes a day, gradually extending your wear-time over a couple of days/weeks until there is no discomfort. Alternatively, you can try placing the Aura-Energy in a pocket below your waist. After a few weeks, you may wear the Aura-Energy again in front of your chest, the initial discomfort should be reduced gradually.