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TIENS VIGOR SHOT is a natural supplement, that can boost your immunity and power stamina. It is composed with Lioposomal Vitamin C, to create powerful antioxidant that aids immunity and helps prevent cellular damage caused by toxins.

The main compounds of VIGOR SHOT are:

  • Hesperidine,
  • CitriSlim, Lipo Vit C and
  • Double Nutri Technology.

Hesperidin bioflavonoid, derived from Young Ponkan fruit, has a potential to block viruses from entering host cells through ACE2 receptors, which can prevent the infections.

In western medicine, citrus peel has been used as a cough medicine and antiviral and anti-inflammatory tonic. These properties are assigned to particular bioflavonoids like nobiletin, diosmin and especially hesperidin.

Hesperidin, a major flavonoid in citrus peel, supports immune response by suppressing proinflammatory cytokines. 
Recent studies suggest that hesperidin, binding the main receptors of SARS-CoV-2 virus, can act in COVID-19 prophylaxis.

CitriSlim® is a concentrated fruit blend of unripe ponkan orange, red & white grapefruit, pomelo, lemon & apple.

By having one sachet we benefit from Vitamin C content of about 10 fresh lemons and Hesperidin content of 3 ponkan fruits.

Lipo Vit C®  contains 500 mg of liposomal-encapsulated vitamin C.

Liposomal technology is able to increase the absorption of nutrients by capturing the active ingredients inside protective membranes called liposomes.

The absorption of liposomal vitamin C is 133 % higher than that of a standard vitamin C supplement.

The benefits of liposomal Vitamin C include:

  • increased bioavailability
  • cardiovascular support
  • skin health
  • improved collagen production
  • reduced oxidative stress.

Double Nutri™ oil micro-emulsification is a revolutionary technology, perfectly combines biphasic nutrients and turns them into a high-absorption particles.

It allows to turn the active ingredients into liposomal, micronized and highly bioavailable form.

TIENS VIGOR Shot potential benefits include:

  • Supporting normal function of the nervous system,
  • Contributing to reduction of fatigue and exhaustion,
  • Increasing the absorption of iron,
  • Contributing to normal collagen formation,
  • Promoting metabolism,
  • Supporting muscle recovery and reducing soreness after exercise.

Net content: 375 ml (15 sachets x 25 ml).

Ponkan (Chinese honey orange) unripe fruit is especially rich in citrus bioflavonoids (hesperidin).Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system, normal energy-yielding and reduction of tiredness and fatigue, as well as protection of cells from oxidative stress.