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Garlic is an onion-like plant with a strong taste and smell. It is a natural health treasure. In 1992, the National Cancer Institute (USA) began major research on garlic and other related foods that contain disease-fighting substances. Various scientific researchers showed that consumption of garlic and other alliums lower the risk of many life-threatening diseases.

Research has shown that it contains very important plant substances including; Alliin and Allinase – these combine when garlic is crushed, to form Allicin. When garlic is processed into oils or powder, the number of active compounds increases.
TIENS selected this process to produce a highly effective garlic oil supplement.

This supplement has excellent natural antibiotic/ anti-microbial effects. Tianshi uses the latest biotechnology to extract the active compounds from the plant, to ensure maximum concentration of these beneficial compounds.

TIENS Garlic Oil actively release their contents in the alkaline medium of the intestines, to avoid the pungent smell of garlic in the mouth.


  • It is a natural antibiotic and can work against a wide range of infectious organisms and inflammations.
  • It protects the heart from infectious diseases, chest problems, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It has anti-carcinogenic properties and it discourages formation of cancer cells. It helps maintain healthy kidneys.
  • It helps maintain sex drive and erection during sexual activities.
  • It combats tuberculosis and other bronchial diseases.