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Cell Rejuvenation Capsules

It is a biologically active product and made by using modern biotechnology.Tiens Ikang of saponins, beta carotin, gynostemma, vitamin C, teophenol, microelements and other biologically active vegetable components which have antioxidantic and adaptogenic characteristics. One from the most important constituent of this product is the leaves of gynostemma. This plant grows just in forests of China where all the time they are surrounded with fog and have similar characteristics as ginseng. Earlier gynostemma had been used in China during the years of crop failure and famine, but farmacological characteristics of the plant and its impact on human organism was studied for the first time in 1970 in Japan. A lot of biological studies and clynical observations were performed in China also. The results of the studies were given to World Medical Protection Organisation and it is possible that after their assessment the gynostemma saponins will be considered the preparation of XXI century for treatment of heart-vessels diseases, stress diseases, cancer, diabetes, AIDS and other diseases.


  • as toning measure;
  • as anti cancerous measure;
  • to take of pain and stress;
  • as measure which easens the nervous system;
  • as measure which reduces the amount of fat in blood;
  • to enrich organism with oxygen;
  • to increase the sexual function of organism;
  • to stop the ageing process;
  • to reduce the amount of sugar in blood;
  • for regeneration of hepatic cells;
  • for expansion of elasticity of capilliary walls;
  • as strong antioxidator.

Contraindications: This biological preparation should be carefully prescribed for people having hypertonic diseases. It is NOT recommended to take Ikang later than 6 p.m. especially for people suffering from insomnia.