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TIENS Antilipemic Tea is composed of extracts from green tea, lotus leaves , jiaogulan and zhishouwu(two herbs native to China). Their essentials make the tea functional in health-keeping and fragrant in smell. Furthermore, this tea can decrease cholesterol, expel internal heat and help better digest. The last two herbs are for invigorating kidney, the key organ in our body which adjust and coordinates the over-all physical condition; the former two ingredients for relieving inflammation or internal heart. These functions are indispensable for preserving health in the traditional Chinese natural medicine theory which emphasize primarily on the importance of Yin-Yang balance (two intangible, abstract concepts similar to the negative and positive in nature). Antilipemic Tea is hence best for enhancing vitality in a natural way without chemical side effects, which is also rendered as the ideal way in Chinese health culture.

Herbagynostemma It's known as "herb of luck"as it's quite useful in health-keeping. There are 13 of its kind in the world and 11 of them are indigenously in China. In the 70's , 84 saponins were discovered in them Among them ten kinds of the chemical elements are similar in properties to ginseng, another tonic herb, that jiaogulan is also labeled 'alternate for ginseng'. This herb is good for a number of diseases extraordinarily for preventing cardiovascular disorder, regulating immunity, enhancing constitution (anti- fatigue & anoxic). Compared with popular ginseng, this herb is more temperate due to 74 kinds of the saponins inside, and it can be free from side effects from taking ginseng while functions what ginseng can in preserving health.

Main Ingredients: Herba gynostemma pentaphyllum, folium nelumbinis, radix poligoni mutiflori, green tea, semen cassiae.

Suggested Use: Put one sachet of antilipemic tea in 1 liter warm boiled water for 10-15 minutes, drink it all day long (0,5 liter between breakfast and lunch and the other half between lunch and diner). One sachet can be used several times.