TIENS порошок «Супер кальций» с молозивом

Nutrient Super Calcium Powder (ADVANCED FORMULA) - Tiens Russia

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Calcium is one of the most important essential minerals. It plays a major role in bone formation and development, helping to prevent bone loss and increasing bone density. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium are involved in maintaining the normal state of bones and teeth, while vitamin D also helps to better absorb and utilise calcium and phosphorus. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are essential for proper muscle function.

Key benefits:

– maintains strong bones

– crucial for healthy teeth

– supports normal neurotransmission

– contributes to normal blood clotting

– supports normal muscle function

– contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism

– maintains normal function of digestive enzymes

– plays an important role in the process of cell division and specialisation.